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Fine filter


Particle tracking

Coat hanger

Particle tracking.mp4 animation_waschbecken_x264.mp4 Coat hanger.mp4

Filter loading


Filter loading.mp4 interFoam.mp4

Quenching device

Particle turbulence

Wind lens simulation

Particle input and cloud.mp4 Particle turbulence.mp4 Particles in wind hitting a lens.mp4


twoPhaseEulerFoam.mp4 Filter loading streamlines.mp4

Filter loading streamlines


Clogging water filter animation, showing particle transport and a baffle based filter boundary condition with a Darcy resistance model and with specific handling of turbulence damping.

Multiphase flow based on OpenFOAM®’s volume of fluid method.

Transient particle tracking in a water filter.

Coat hanger video:

Virtual sudden color change in an optimized PVC extrusion die showing a very uniform residence time of the non-Newtonian melt within the die.

Filter loading video:

Bag filters are loaded with dust particles, hereby changing the outflow velocity depending on the current load.

interFoam video:

Water-Air simulation with VOF on a blockMesh grid.

Particle loading and cloud video: Titel evtl besser: “Quenching device”

Water droplets are evaporating in a quenching device. Strong coupled interaction with heat transfer, multiple species transport, species mass transfer and parcel based particle modelling.

The complex flow behavior of a two phase Euler-Euler simulation is visualized with passive particles.

Particles in wind hitting a lense video: evtl besser: “Wind lens simulation”

Wind lens effect for increased performance of wind turbines is visualized with passive particles.

Two phase Euler-Euler simulation.

Streamlines are changing with the bag filters are clogged more and more.

The mesh of a filter and its proximity is shown.